Insurance Guidance

Life Insurance

Obtaining life insurance with Gaucher disease is often a struggle and information found online is scary and outdated. As we know best, living with Gaucher non-neuropathic disease and receiving treatment does not sentence us to an early death. However, obtaining life insurance can still be a struggle despite the importance of having it to protect our families and loved ones. GCA has worked with Underwriters Brokerage Service (UBS) to enable patients to apply for and obtain life insurance despite a diagnosis of Gaucher Type 1. To start the process, download and complete the forms and send them to the address/fax provided, attention Bob Katzen.

GCA has no connection or affiliation to UBS and does not guarantee the successful application for life insurance. GCA is not a licensed insurance broker and offers this information to the community solely as a convenience. All questions and comments regarding the application for life insurance should be directed to Bob Katzen at UBS.

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