Financial Resources

The following organizations provide assistance for both public and private insurance holders. Please contact each for the details of how they can assist and view the chart below for a quick overview.

  1. Accessia Health
  2. The Assistance Fund
  3. PAN Foundation
  4. NORD

Federal Poverty Level Calculator:

Program PAN TAF NORD Accessia
Contact info (866) 316-7263 (855) 845-3663, (203) 296-3486, (800) 366-7741,
Medical Qualifications Currently receiving treatment for Gaucher disease Diagnosed with Gaucher, on FDA-approved treatment TBD Diagnosed with Gaucher
Insurance qualifications Have health insurance that covers your qualifying medication or product Have prescription coverage for the prescribed treatment TBD Publicly OR privately insured OR uninsured
Financial Qualifications Household income < 500% of FPL Meet financial eligibility criteria based upon household income and size TBD Household income < 500% of FPL
Health Insurance Premiums No Yes TBD Yes
Prescription Drug Yes, list of 8 drugs on website Yes, list of 6 drugs on website TBD Yes, list of 11 drugs on website
Therapy Admin No Yes TBD Yes
Travel No Yes (treatment related) TBD Yes, $500 cap
Assessments No Genetic testing TBD Yes, Gaucher-related
Other Medical expenses
Status (as of 5/24) Open Open Not yet accepting applications for current year Waitlist/at capacity
Annual Cap $4,700 None TBD $16,500