“This is Gaucher” Video Production

This is Gaucher is a video campaign to raise awareness about Gaucher disease that shows the world the many ages, faces, ethnicities, languages, and cultures it affects.

Imagine a video with dozens of individual people or families who look and sound very different from one another saying “This is Gaucher” or variations of that sentence (“We have Gaucher,” “My child has Gaucher,” “My child had Gaucher (with a photo), etc.) in English and other languages. The video then pans to a description and narration of Gaucher and its types, prevalence, symptoms, etc., all through discussion with “featured participants”.

When premiered and released during October Gaucher Awareness Month, this production will:

  • Help people affected recognize symptoms 
  • Help doctors recognize symptoms
  • Viral social media campaign
  • Share with Gaucher KOLs, rare disease and patient orgs, medical industry and providers, industry partners
  • Can be used for long-term Gaucher awareness
  • Adapt video to different lengths for different purposes