Workshop Proposal

Gaucher Community Patient & Family Conference
October 23 – 25, 2022
Embassy Suites, Minneapolis, MN

Workshop Proposal

GCA Community Patient & Family Conference, October 23-25, 2022, Minneapolis, MN

The GCA is seeking presenters to share leading-edge ideas, inspire enlightening discussions and convey practical information to the Gaucher patient community at our upcoming Gaucher Community Patient & Family Conference. Workshops and presenters will be selected based on board review, timeliness of topics and relevance to building a stronger, more empowered patient community. The workshops will be interactive in a warm, inviting environment with group discussions and individual engagement. This conference is an opportunity for people with Gaucher and their families to just be themselves, in an environment we can all trust, where the only goal for the day is to help one another how we need it most.

Although we do not have the funds to provide stipends for presenting at a workshop, we are able to provide scholarships to those who need financial assistance to attend. Please click here to complete a scholarship application. 

The GCA will decide the best fit for the speakers and workshop topics. The goals of the Conference are to:

  • Connect, educate, and empower Gaucher patients and their families by providing information and tools for them to best manage their disease and live a fuller life by connecting with and learning from their peers.
  • Feature individuals with Gaucher disease, family members  or caregivers who have subject matter expertise and tools in managing Gaucher disease and provide them the opportunity to teach their peers.
  • Provide high quality, interactive workshops for families to gain concrete knowledge and empowerment to be their own best advocate.

Speaker Responsibilities

  • Provide high quality, interactive presentations currently relevant to Gaucher patients, caregivers and other family members
  • Engage attendees through audience participation, hands-on experience and active discussion
  • Coordinate special equipment and supply needs with staff
  • Provide a topic summary, top three takeaways and biography for marketing purpose

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